December 4 – 5, 2017

at International Institute for Advanced Studies, Kyoto, Japan


11/06/2017 – Program has been revised.
11/01/2017 – Bus time schedule has been revised.
10/31/2917 – Registration is now closed. Please contact at for inquries.
09/26/2017 – Registration period is extended till 10/31/2017.
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The communication among functionally diverse organs is vital in health and disease. Such inter-organ crosstalks underlie how organisms maintain whole-body homeostasis, and their dysfunction and failure often cause diseases. A locally restricted adverse effect on an organ by a tumor or a therapeutic treatment could also spread to other organs and influence their physiological functions through inter-organ crosstalks. Recently a number of important discoveries elucidating the codes and mechanisms for the inter-organ communication are emerging. ERATO/CREST/PRESTO Joint International Symposium “Organismal and Systems Biology of Inter-Organ Communication: Indra’s Net of the Body” provides a forum for scientists to present and discuss their cutting-edge discoveries in this important field. The symposium is jointly held by ERATO “Sato Live Bio-Forecasting Project” (JST), CREST “Innovation for ideal medical treatment based on the understanding of maintenance, change and breakdown mechanisms of homeostasis among interacting organ system” (AMED), and PRESTO “Elucidation and regulation in the dynamic maintenance and transfiguration of homeostasis in living body” (JST). The invited speakers include internationally recognized scientists funded by these programs. Several prominent top-notch scientists across the globe will also deliver keynote addresses.

We welcome participation from broad and diverse areas of scientific and medical disciplines and invite you to join us in Kyoto, a place where ancient Japanese culture and modern scientific technology meet and mingle. We look forward to seeing you in December!


Ryozo Nagai, M.D., Ph.D., Program Supervisor, AMED-CREST
Masato Kasuga, M.D., Ph.D., Research Supervisor, JST PRESTO
Thomas N. Sato, Ph.D., Research Director, JST ERATO Sato Project



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